Many circumstances can lead a person or family to homelessness, but few exist that will help lead them out. We believe when you shake the hand of someone in need that you can no longer ignore the issue, because it becomes real. The Refuge and Mobile Missions provide an opportunity for the served and those serving to come together and share a meal, hear the Message of hope and offer encouragement. The Narrow Door provides on average 760 hot meals a month to those living on the streets and surrounding communities across the Valley. In addition to hot meals, we provide clothing, blankets and hygiene items.

Many people living on the streets and among our working-poor are unaware of resources available to them through state and county programs, as well as, through our community partners. The Narrow Door has devolped trusting relationships in our community and helps connect people to these resources and assists with social and living skills training.

Our Mobile Pantry goes door-to-door in 18 of the poorest communities in the Coachella Valley, providing food to around 4,000 people. The numbers vary month-to-month increasing as much as 40% due to the unique transiet population, which includes our farm labor community.



Connecting Resources

Hunger Relief